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Perfume adverts are a staple inclusion of the ad break – there’s always at least one on during your show, often with a catchy pop song or cover playing in the background as a famous face poses in a ballgown. 

Over the years all the big name fashion houses and cosmetics brands have put out glitzy perfume TV adverts, but which ones are the most memorable? We’ve compiled some of the best perfume adverts on TV for a trip down memory lane.

Calvin Klein – CK One, 1994

Calvin Klein’s 90s spot starring Kate Moss is one of the most iconic and revolutionary perfume ads on TV. The black and white advert shows an array of models – young and old, coupled and single, posing and dancing. 

A classically grunge-styled Kate Moss explains that the new CK One fragrance is the unisex scent of the moment. The advert clearly worked a treat, since CK One is still a popular seller, almost 30 years later. 

Marc Jacobs – Daisy, 2020

Even if you think you don’t, chances are you know the Daisy perfume advert. By fashion house Marc Jacobs, the ad stars models Kaia Gerber, Adut Akech and Meghan Roche. The advert  is probably best known for its repeated mantra of “Daisy Daisy Daisy Daisy” (try getting that out of your head).

Shot in a field with plenty of wildflower blooms and summer sunshine, the advert plays on femininity, youth and sisterhood for a positive tone that stands out amongst the crowd of dark, sexy and grown-up perfume ads on TV.

Dior – J’Adore, 2014

One of the most overtly glamorous perfume adverts out there, 2014’s Charlize Theron spot for J’Adore is the epitome of glitz. The Oscar-winning actress strides through a magnificent hall, decked out in a gold ballgown and plenty of eye-catching jewels. 

She elegantly climbs up gold silk – discarding plenty of glinting jewellery as she goes – before emerging on a rooftop in a brilliantly golden cityscape. A bit much, maybe, but it fits perfectly into the Dior brand’s elegant, glamorous reputation.

Dior – J’Adore mirrors, 2019

Following on from the success of the 2014 J’Adore advert, five years later Dior created an even more glamorous perfume advert. Charlize Theron again reprises her lead role, this time at a celebrity-stacked fashion show at the Versailles Hall of Mirrors, where she sneaks in through a side door in a disguise (apparently dressing in black and popping on some designer sunglasses means an Oscar winner can’t be spotted). 

Computer generated images and other computer trickery shows Theron greeting a host of iconic faces from the history of style – including Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe.

Gucci – Flora Fantasy, 2021

Building on her chart-topping success, in 2021 Gucci created a Miley Cyrus perfume advert for their Flora Fantasy scent. In the advert Cyrus – who of course would go on to release Flowers a few years later – frolics in a field of multicoloured blooms.

As well as adorable kittens, fluffy poodles and her signature mullet, Miley eventually transforms into her anime alter ego. A vibrant, technicolour and wonderfully child-like perfume ad that stands out against the usual gold and black colour schemes.

Let us know which perfume TV advert is your favourite in the comments below.

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