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TV adverts – they’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry… they’ll even sometimes make you say “awwww”. Although we often find ourselves remembering the funny or sad adverts the most, we’re confident that once you read our list of the cutest TV adverts you’ll remember these ones particularly fondly. 

Whether it’s real-life animals or fluffy animated friends, the starring characters of the cutest TV commercials of all time have certainly made an impression over the years.

So sit back, relax, and revisit some of the cutest TV adverts from over the years…

Puppy Patrol, Andrex – 1999

When people say Andrex, they usually think of puppies. Ok, maybe they think of toilets first, but it’ll be puppies soon after. The Andrex Puppy has been a mainstay of British culture since 1972, and any of the adorable pooch’s appearances could be considered an example of unbeatable cuteness, but we’re particularly fond of the 1999 Puppy Patrol version. The ad sees dozens of Golden Retriever puppies on a spy-style mission to learn more about Andrex toilet paper – cute!

Digestive Biscuits (Kittens/Puppies), McVities – 2014

What could be better than tubes of lovely McVities chocolate digestives? Tubes full of adorable puppies and kittens, of course! In 2014 McVities put a new spin on the word ‘sweet’ to market one of Britain’s favourite biscuits, showing unsuspecting customers getting more than just a sugary snack. In two versions of the ad, a family finds a litter of puppies while a group of off-duty nurses are greeted by an adorable bunch of fluffy kittens.

What Would Christmas Be Without Love, Erste – 2018

Christmas adverts are often known for tugging at the heartstrings, but Erste’s 2018 effort is cute all year round. In the ad for the Austrian financial service provider, a shy hedgehog is seen starting a new school and struggling to make friends. After finding it hard to fit in, he is eventually presented with a box full of styrofoam peanuts, which allow him to hug and play with all his new classmates without fear of pricking them on his spikes. Adorable!

Harvey & Harmony, Thinkbox – 2014

Ok so we might be a little biased, but Thinkbox’s adverts promoting the power of TV advertising have always been memorable. The 2014 version, in which hero Harvey the dog shows his owner an ad to convince him to let his partner – Harmony, a well-coiffed poodle – move in, is particularly cute. Not least when Harvey and Harmony’s brood of adorable puppies comes bounding to the door!

Baby Oleg, Compare the Market – 2013

The Compare the Market meerkats have long been some of the nation’s most beloved TV character adverts. But things became a whole lot cuter with the introduction of Baby Oleg, who was revealed as an adorable advert mascot on Christmas Day 2013. In the advert, Orlov and Sergei discover the baby meerkat on their doorstep and take him in. As we know now, the family goes from strength to strength – even travelling the globe – but this original introduction remains one of the cutest TV ads ever.

Let us know in the comments what your favourite cute advert is – did we miss your top choice?

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