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Best Cat TV Adverts

Here in the UK we’re famously fond of our pets – so it’s no wonder so many brands have put out cute and cuddly TV adverts with cats over the years! Of course, lots of cat food and vet brand ads feature four-legged friends, though there are plenty of non-pet related brand adverts starring adorable and fluffy cats too. 

Here are some of the very best cat adverts on TV from over the years…

Cravendale, Cats With Opposable Thumbs, 2011

Cats are great, but we all know one you have to be a little bit scared of. In this 2011 cat TV advert, Cravendale pondered the question of what will protect us from our furry friends if they evolve one step further. 

In the ad, a man is enjoying a bowl of cereal with some cold Cravendale milk, which his cat also fancies a taste of. After swatting his pet away, the man starts to think of all the trouble we’d be in if cats developed opposable thumbs and found a way to come for our delicious dairy products…

Crusha, Musical Cats, 2003

You might find it catchy, confusing, confounding… but you can’t deny that Crusha’s spot is a core cat advert content. Crusha, a milkshake syrup brand, launched a few variations of this advert type – featuring cats dancing along to lively music and playing music, working out, or even street dancing. 

We’re not too sure what dancing cats have to do with milkshake mix, but it’s certainly an advert that stays with you!

Whiskas, Curious Cats – Rain, 2017

A quintessential cat brand, Whiskas has used plenty of feline stars in its adverts over the years. However, the Curious Cats series of adverts maximised on kitty cuteness – like this Rain version from 2017.

A closeup of an adorable kitten is accompanied by a confused voiceover talking to a window being pelted with rain, and telling it to stop crying. The series also includes a cat reckoning with a “machine that can turn day to night” (a lamp), a showdown between a hairbrush and a cat, and a tap with a tempting drip. As if we needed any more excuses to treat our pets like people!

Vanquis, Walk Tall, 2021

One of the most memorable recent cat adverts on TV, 2021’s Vanquis effort sees an anthropomorphised cat walking upright on his hind legs to the tune of Walk Tall by Val Doonican. The cat wanders a market, attracting stares from passers-by – humans and dogs alike – before stopping to buy a pint of milk with his Vanquis credit card.

The ad was devised by ad agency Now London, who was inspired by the theme of Vanquis helping customers gain confidence. After all, as cat owners up and down the country will attest, there’s no one more self-confident than a cat!

Specsavers Welcome to the Vet, 2017

Part of a series of ads playing on the “should have gone to Specsavers” tagline, this 2017 cat TV advert has become a longstanding favourite on UK TV, appearing year after year. In the advert, a vet is shown preparing for his last feline patient of the day as Karen, the veterinary nurse prepares to clock off. 

As he prepares to start his examination, the vet panics as he fails to find a pulse. Karen quickly rushes back in, only to pick up the ‘cat’ from the table and wear it – it’s her fur hat, and the cat in question is sitting and staring quizzically at the optically-challenged vet.

Do you have a favourite feline cat TV advert? Let us know any we missed in the comments below!

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