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TV Ads Celebrity Cameos Quiz

This TV adverts quiz about celebrity cameos is great for organising pub quizzes, office quizzes, Zoom quiz parties and more. 

We’ve put together 20 questions all about famous actors in adverts, celebrity cameos and more. Find the answers below, and happy quizzing!


Part 1 – Famous Faces

  1. Which UK phone network is Kevin Bacon the face of?
  2. Gary Lineker is known as the Walkers spokesperson, but which UK city is known as the birthplace of both Lineker and the crisp brand?
  3. Peter Andre starred in a series of TV ads for which high street food shop?
  4. Which A-list Hollywood icon is known as the face of Nespresso coffee?
  5. Tenor Wynne Evans has become a well-known face, thanks to singing on adverts for which money comparison website?

Part 2 – Picture Round

Name the brand advertised for each of these celebrity TV ads:


Lilly James in the Sky Mobile TV Advert.


Kerry Katona holding up chicken fillets bag in the Iceland TV Advert.


Mr T in the Snickers TV Advert.


Lionel Richie holding up a crisp in Walkers TV Advert.


Dawn French as a fairy in the M&S Christmas TV Advert.

Name the famous face for each celebrity ad:

6. MoneySupermarket

Snoop Dog in front of car in the Money Super Market TV Advert.

7. Walkers

Paul Gascoigne crying in the Walkers TV Advert.

8. Currys

Jeff Goldblum at the dinner table in the Currys Christmas TV Advert.


Sylvester Stallone standing in front of Lorries in the Warburton TV Advert.

10. Compare the Market

Nicole Kidman talking to meerkat in the Compare the Market TV Advert.


Part 3 – Celebrity Cameo General Trivia

1. Which famous film is parodied in Harvey Keitel’s Direct Line advert?

Harvey Keitel in a suit in the Direct Line TV Advert.

2. Will Ferrell reprised his famous Elf role for which supermarket’s 2022 Christmas advert?

Will Ferrell as Elf in the Asda Christmas TV Advert.

3. TV presenter duo Ant & Dec are the faces of which bank?

4. Idris Elba is the face of which UK TV company?

5. Which drink’s adverts have featured sporting stars including Lionel Messi, Neymar, Mo Salah, Paul Pogba and Ronaldinho?


Quiz Answers

Find the answers to the questions below. We recommend allowing one point for each answer. Feel free to add in any bonus questions and answers you can think of – we’ve suggested a few below.

Part 1 – Famous Faces

1. EE

2. Leicester

3. Iceland

4. George Clooney (possible bonus – adverts also star Oscar winner Jean Dujardin)

5. Go Compare

Part 2 – Picture Round

1. Sky Mobile

2. Iceland

3. Snickers

4. Walkers (possible bonus – the line of crisps was Walkers Extra Crunchy)

5. M&S (possible bonus – the voices of Jennifer Saunders and Tom Holland also appear in the advert)

6. Snoop Dogg (possible bonus – Snoop Dogg has also appeared in Just Eat’s TV adverts)

7. Paul Gascoigne

8. Jeff Goldblum

9. Sylvester Stallone

10. Nicole Kidman

Part 3 – General Trivia

1. Pulp Fiction

2. Asda

3. Santander

4. Sky

5. Pepsi


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