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Christmas TV Advert Quiz

This Christmas television Advert Quiz is perfect for pub quizzes, virtual quizzes online, and Christmas parties. Here are 20 Christmas TV Advert questions and answers. 

Part 1 – Celebrity Cameos

  1. Which superhero actor played the voice of Percy Pig in the 2021 M&S advert alongside Dawn French? 
  2. Also known for such films as Moulin Rouge! , The Borrowers and Hot Fuzz, which actor plays Santa in and narrates a number of Aldi Christmas adverts?
  3. Also known as the Queen of Christmas, which American singer, songwriter and actress feature in the 2019 Walkers Crisps advert, fighting with a co-worker for a packet of Pigs in Blankets Walkers crisps? 
  4. The John Lewis Christmas advert in 2018 featured which well-known singer, pianist and composer receiving a piano as a gift when they were a child? 
  5. Which British singer covers Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” played in the background to the John Lewis 2013 advert entitled “The Bear and the Hare”.

Part 2 – Image Round

The following images taken from Christmas adverts show different fictional characters. Can you name them all?

Kevin the Carrot

Paddington Bear

Edgar the Dragon

Buster the Boxer

Iggy the Imaginary Friend

Part 3 – Fun Facts

How many of these facts about Christmas adverts do you know?

  1. True or False: Father Christmas traditionally wears a red coat because of Coca-Cola
  2. In what year was the first John Lewis Christmas advert broadcasted?
  3. Featuring an Orangutan and highlighting the destruction of the rainforest, which of these facts about Icelands’s Christmas Advert is false;
  4. a). It was banned for being “too political”.
    b). It was made in a coalition with Greenpeace.
    c). The Orangutan cuddly toy was found to contain traces of palm oil

  5. Name the Cat that causes destruction on Christmas eve in Sainsbury’s much loved 2015 Christmas advert entitled “___’s Christmas Calamity”.
  6. Aldi’s 2021 Christmas advert, featuring Ebanana Scrooge, is loosely based on which Charles Dickens novel.

Part 4 – Music Round

Name the brands behind the Christmas advertisements that these songs featured.

Gabrielle Aplin – The Power of Love

Mabel – Time After Time

“If I were a toy” – Reworded from Beyonce’s – If I were a boy

Aurora Aksnes – Half The World Away

Melanie Thornton – Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming)


Each of the above questions results in one point, with a total score out of 20. Feel free to add any bonus point answers you can think of. The answers to all the questions are shown below;

Part 1 – Celebrity Cameos

  1. Tom Holland
  2. Jim Broadbent
  3. Mariah Carey
  4. Elton John
  5. Lily Allen

Part 2 – Image Round

  1. Kevin the Carrot
  2. Paddington Bear
  3. Edgar the Dragon
  4. Buster
  5. Iggy the Imaginary Friend

Part 3 – Fun Facts

  1. False: Father Christmas had appeared in numerous illustrations and written descriptions wearing a red coat before the Coca-Cola company existed. Read more here.
  2. 2007: The first John Lewis Christmas advert was broadcast in 2007, entitled “Shadows”.
  3. C. The Orangutan cuddly toy was found to contain traces of palm oil.
  4. Mog
  5. A Christmas Carol

Part 4 – Music Round

  1. John Lewis – The Journey – 2012
  2. McDonald’s – 2021
  3. Smyths Toys Superstores
  4. John Lewis – Man on the moon 2015
  5. Coca-Cola – Holidays are Coming


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